My PC turns on, but there's no signal to my monitor

I recently got a PC, yesterday to be honest, and it was working fine, but this morning when I went to continue my work, the Monitor won't display anything, everything inside the PC turns on, everything powers up, but I'm getting nothing from it, the monitor just stays black, I know it isn't the monitor because I can get the menu up and volume comes up when it's changed, and I know its not the cable as I tested it on my games console and it displayed fine. This is my first computer and I haven't even done anything to it, but I need it for Uni and can't afford a new one or new parts, so hopefully there is a simple thing I'm overlooking or just a cable needing tweaking. Thank you to anyone who helps!

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Hi @haydenraven ,

What is the make and model number of the PC or the make and model number of the motherboard if a custom build?

Do you hear a beep when it first starts up? You may not as not all motherboards have a system speaker connected nowadays but thought that I would ask anyway.

Has it got a graphics card installed or are you using onboard video?

If a card does the motherboard have onboard video connectors and does the CPU or motherboard have integrated graphics?

If so try connecting the monitor to the onboard video connector and check if there is a display

Really loathe to tell you to open it up as you may void the warranty since it is that new unless you built it yourself.


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