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A mini tablet computer designed by Blackberry and manufactured by Quanta Computer in 2011. Model number RDJ21WW.

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Rubber Lining around digitizer screen coming off

On my Blackberry Playbook, there is a rubber lining/gasket between the rear bezel and the digitizer screen. Just recently that lining has started to come away near the speakers. Does anyone know how to fix that or do I need to order a new digitizer screen?

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not an answer but.. this has happened to mine too, left speaker area


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You can use silicone to refill it, i use Permatex Ultra Black silicone this can be bought at most Auto Parts supply stores or Orchard Supply hardware stores about 4 bucks. What you do is apply a dab on your finger and fill in the area where the old rubber is coming off,i let it sit for about 10 to 15 secs then wipe off the silicone around it with a paper towel or terry cloth. leave it overnight or let it sit there for a couple of hours and it will set. This silicone is mainly used to make gaskets so it wont glue itself to things.

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