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Why is Wi-Fi randomly graying out/ loosing signal?

Hello there,

recently bought second-hand iPhone 7 with beat up case and cracked screen.

It has been updated to iOs 13.5 with fresh reset, and when trying to connect to Wi-fi it shows routers, and can be connected, but after a few seconds it drops connection, and hides all routers. After re-enabling it, it shows again - can be connected for few seconds - and drops connections. So for a while, till ‘settings‘ app glitches out and wi-fi toggle becomes ‘grayed-out‘, cannot be enabled. BT toggle is switchable but cannot find devices/ connect. But never ‘grays-out‘. Priveous owner says before update it was okey (doubt that, but ok, may be).

I tried ‘airplane mode‘, restart, restart network settings, but nothing.

BUT - after making hard-reset, till it goes to ‘Hello‘ screen, wi-fi toggle comes back and connections can be made - but as mentioned above - few times drops out - glitch - ‘grayed out‘. And so on, on loop.

Before screen comes and i try to open it up - it may be antena what is acting up, software issue or it is not fully separated wifi chip (gray one) what everyone suggests to reball or fix pads?

If latter, i shall sell it, as I have not got equipment to do the job - but as I searched - for this toggle is always peramentaly ‘grayed out‘. So there may be hope.

Any suggestions?


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Greyed out Wi-Fi is defiantly a problem with the Wi-Fi chip or the big audio IC. On a working phone you can remove all the Wi-Fi antennas and it still will not be greyed out so you can rule out antenna problem.

If you don’t want to get it repaired you could try and put a thin piece of packing under the Wi-Fi chip so it has a little more pressure on it. Sometimes this can get a couple of month’s usage before it completely fails.

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Yes, but it is NOT grayed out all the time, that's the issue. But as I understand it only grays out when chip seperates, therefore - there is my problem! I want it repaired, but repair would cost almost the same as phone here. Ok, will try that presure fix for when new screen comes. Thanks.


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It might be because of the Loop Disease defect with some iPhone 7’s. You can look at this video about it from Hugh Jeffreys:

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Nop, has no problem with booting and/ or audio. Only Wifi/BT does not work correctly. But thanks. Will try to write to Apple, maybe they can change to new or refurbished one. Small chance, but worth a try!


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