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Repair information and guides for the Apple iPhone 5c that was announced on September 10, 2013. Model: A1532, A1456

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Are iPhone motherboards interchangeable?

I have an iPhone 5c as my daily driver but would like to get a newer IOS version and a phone that is a bit faster. I was wondering if the motherboard from an iPhone 5s (Touch Id Version) was able to fit in the body of an iPhone 5c (With The 5s’ Home Button And Other Respective Parts)

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Unfortunately you cannot put any iPhone's motherboard into another iPhone and have it work. They are not interchangeable.

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I beg to differ, I got 5 phone lines with sprint and got 5 iPhone 11’s about 2 years ago. Over time I ended up downsizing my plan and only had 3 in service. My husband forgot his phone was on the top of the car and drove off with it up there. It flew off and was smashed on both sides. I was able to open it and just swap the camera and motherboard and put it in one of my unused 11’s. It works better than it did before. So in my experience, you can swap them in the same phone models, but bring the cameras and home buttons (if it has one) from the original.


The original question was regarding two completely different models(iPhone 5c & iPhone 5s). Every iPhone model to date boasts not only very much differing ribbon connection points at the motherboard from their sister models, but the vast majority of them will use completely different connectors for the exact same components from one model to the next. Of course you "Can" put an iPhone 11 motherboard in an iPhone 11 and I'm going to speculate that this fact falls somewhere near the common knowledge ballpark as the complete lack of inquiries regarding it would suggest. This has consequently left not one differ to beg and only backpedals to plea. Ironically however, you do not need to have the camera or the home button that is digitally bound to and came with the original motherboard. Your phone will function just like new apart from losing its touch I'd functionality if those components are replaced.


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