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The Wii U is a video game console paired with a handheld device made by Nintendo that allows users to play games on the GamePad. Repairing the console is straightforward as the device is very modular.

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netflix wont stop freezing up...

When i try to watch a movie for a certan amount of time netflix freezes but the audio keeps going and when i turn off the wiiu gamepad it make this beeping noise

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i mean, you are using netflix on a wii u. Probably better off playing mario kart on that, and maybe leaving streaming netflix to like a roku. the poor thing is probably struggling to find enough space in ram to do anything.

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netflix stuttering or freezing can be fixed by restarting your Netflix, checking audio settings or switch to another HDMI cable, etc. If the most common solutions don’t work for you, check more methods to have a try. Good luck!

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