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A1706 / EMC 3071—Released in November 2016, this 13" Macbook Pro introduces the OLED Touch Bar. Features a dual-core "Skylake" Intel Core i5 CPU and four Thunderbolt 3 ports.

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Question that I can’t find on the web regarding MacBook Pro 2016

Hello I spent a long time trying to find this answer anywhere on the internet. When I send my MacBook Pro to Apple to get repaired for the flexgate/ statlight issue with the display I know they replace the whole upper part of the MacBook Pro when this is done do they add any revisions to the display such as the 2mm longer display cable that was on the 2018 model to try and prevent the issue from arising again. Thanks for you guys time !

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Good Question!

Sadly I can’t give you a simple answer ;-{ Apple never marked the cable or display assembly with any rev ID info.

If you have gone directly to Apple, then you would hope they used a rev’d display assembly. Sadly, they won’t tell you!

If you go to an independent repair outfit to get your display replaced all you can do is ask them to show you or take a side by side pic of the original and the replacement displays so you can see the difference.

Why I say this is some repair outfits may have old stock or try to use recycled displays (which would be cheaper) so you just can’t depend on it being the longer cable. A good repair person knows about the issue and strive to do put in the correct display.

While not fun there are now kits to replace the cable after taking the display apart. But its not something I recommend for a novice! Even I know my limits and won’t even do it as I don’t see enough of them to get the needed equipment or develope the skills!

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Where I could get this kit or find someone to do it for me?

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What is your issue?

Are you encountering the stage light effect or a problem with the T-CON?


The light on the display goes from the bright to the dark repeatedly. Anyway the system works fine.

@danj - Here’s a proper post of my issue: A display problem after a water damage?


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