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Home button doesn't work anymore after Earpiece and Lightning connect

So I replaced the earpiece and and Lightning connector on an iPhone 7 after muffled hearing and a bad microphone. Once I put it back together and tested it, the microphone still was not working 100% but a lot better than before the repair. After the repair, the home button would not work at all. Is the earpiece and the home button not working together properly? What can I do to regain functionality? How do I address the microphone still not working at 100%?

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Did you disconnect the home button from the screen? Check the home button connection on the motherboard. I would check all of the connections on the motherboard and make sure no pins are damaged. Then clean all of the connections with a qtip and alcohol and a soft brush. Including the charge port connection. You could also have a issue with the audio ic. It's a common problem with the iPhone 7. Any shop that does microsoldering repair can fix that for around 75 dollars. I would give those a try.

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I didn't disconnect it from the screen. I did check all of the connections and they looked fine amd were seated properly.


The bottom connector from the screen is for the home button. Try taking it off and putting it back on. It can't hurt to take the connections off and put them back on. On the Microphone it's probably a good chance that the audio ic is having issues. The pads on the board will lift and they can make intermittent contact.


Allan is right about the microphone. Your home button issue would be a micro tear in the home button flex coming from the screen to the logic board. Have a close examination of the flex at the 90 degree bend and I am sure you will find a tear.


Chris is also correct about the cable possibly having a tear. You can replace the backlight/touch force sensor and that is the home button cable or you can put a new screen on it.


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