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Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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Why won't my computer recognise my iPod?

When I plug my iPod into my (or any other) computer I get a message saying “Windows didn’t recognise the last device you connected.” I can still charge the iPod, and play any music that I already have on it, but cannot connect it to iTunes to sync any new stuff onto it.

I have tried resetting the iPod, and putting into Disk Mode, but still get the same message when trying to connect. I can’t restore it due to this issue.

When checking the harddrive in diagnostics mode I get these results:

Retracts: 2

Reallocs: 0

Pending Sectors: 0

Edit - I have also tried various different cables, including official Apple USB cables, and different ports on my computer. My computer OS is Windows 8, and the iPod has never had a problem connecting before.

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Have you charged it with cheap aftermarket chargers?


@Allan Barr

Thanks for the suggestion, but I have already tried connecting it to my laptop, and my brother's computer with the same result. I have tried numerous chargers with it, some official Apple ones, and some cheaper ones, none of which helped.


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Try connecting it to a different computer.

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