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Computers that generally don't include an integrated display, and are meant to be stationary.

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Philips 236v3lsb white screen

Friend of mine has got a white screen for some reason on his monitor Philips 236v3lsb. He and I tried different cables VGA / DVI to check the signal out but it doesn’t help.

Block Image

Block Image

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Try hooking up a different monitor to the computer, using the same cables. Does the second monitor have a perpetual white screen as well? If not, then the first monitor would need to be replaced.

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Yeah, still the same. Just wanna understand what can go wrong inside before replacing, it should be fixable I guess.


If both monitors are giving you the same problem, then the problem's source may be your Windows installation. Reinstalling Windows may fix this. Do you know how to download Windows 10 from Microsoft's website, making a bootable Windows USB, booting into BIOS to change the boot order to boot from the USB, and then reinstalling Windows? Because that's essentially how a clean Windows install is done. If not, I can explain it further.


@dancomptia it's not an issue with the software most likely with its hardware, because it shouldn't constantly stay in a white screen regime after a while and definitely should switch to a waiting mode (black screen).


If you boot into BIOS and even the BIOS screen is white, then you are correct; the problem is hardware-related. In that case, you can try reseating your graphics card, and then replacing it if the problem persists. If that doesn't work, then the problem may be a defective motherboard component. The whole hardware troubleshooting process may become expensive at this point, so you may want to take it to a shop that has spare graphics cards and motherboards lying around so they can do the diagnosis/repair for you wihout having to buy the needed parts. uBreakiFix does free diagnostics on computers.

However, if you can see a BIOS screen, then the problem is probably with Windows. In this case, an OS clean install should fix the issue.


@dancomptia I have all of these spare components a lot tbh to check that out properly and I have quite a bit of experience with hardware - I don't worry about it. It does react when I connect to PC or Macbook Pro but shows off only the white screen. I'm pretty sure it's something wrong with the monitor :)


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