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iPhone 7 Microphones Freeze And Require Restart To Get Working Again

Hi there, I would be very grateful for an explanation to my problem as I am stumped. I have my iphone 7 128GB where the microphones on the phone decide to freeze up once in a while and require the phone to be restarted in order to work again. The mind boggling thing, for me at least, is the fact that all other functions related to sound work! The speakers work and microphones get detected for example the voice memo’s record button allows me to record audio however no audio gets actually recorded, complete silence! Once this happens all microphones follow, so neither the bottom microphone or back camera microphone work. The phone does have a cracked screen but I don’t believe it has anything to do with it as it is an original screen and the microphone assembly is more or less untouched. I have measured if there is a short on the microphone lines on the dock connector and found none. Is this perhaps Apple’s software issue? Is there any permanent fix to this? Or is this a audio IC fault and by fault I mean a pad connecting the microphone lines to the chip does not have a full connection? I have not said anything regarding a typical iphone 7 audio IC fault as if i recall that problem causes all sound functions to stop working and not just the microphones. There might be an easy fix to this so sorry if I sound a bit stupid. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks Sam.

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I’ve done 100+ Audio IC repairs and to be honest… there is no “Typical” symptoms. I have seen Slow boot, boot loop, voice memo greyed out, voice memo gives error, voice memo starts but no sound recorded, Wifi Issues, Home button issues.. All from Audio IC Problems. Doesn’t mean its your issue, but Audio IC is the “Touch Disease” of the Iphone 7 series. Wouldn’t hurt to run the C12 jumper and possibly one of the other 3 classic jumpers on the “12” line and reball or replace Audio IC. Though not 100% that’s your issue… That’s what I would check :)

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HI there thank you so much for getting back to me so fast and the friendly advice, thats why I love this community! So I understand that this may be caused by the Audio IC chip not making proper contact with its pads and the classic C-12 jumper problem which I have seen however would you be able to tell me how you would find out if the issue is gone? I'm asking this because as this is an intermittent fault I have not found a viable option to test if its been solved apart from do something to the phone and then use it for the next 2-3 days and see if it happens again. People like you are probably more experienced than me and so I ask is there any way you can test an intermittent fault like this? Thanks and sorry if my question sounds a bit stupid. Thanks


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