Help needed fan blowers are a mess

Blower fans in Kenmore LG microwave are a mess with sticky stuff? Food?

Help needed to clean them some how please?

The motor blower fan wheels are sitting on the floor and microwave as well I need it fixed.

I'm concerned with doing something wrong with the motor wires etc if I clean it - can someone please help.

The microwave was excellent for years - suddenly it went crazy (I double check cook settings when cooking anything longer then 10 min. I keep an eye contact the microwave.

The rice was black burnt the dish black the microwave smoking

I unplugged it - started cleaning it - my gosh what a challenge.

It's yellow inside - someone said stick it outside in the sun to bleach out - is this a true remedy?

The blow motor wheels (look like hamster wheels) are out as I said - I wish I had a handy person around here to guide the cleaning process - I did have schematics here done where - I let it all sit for a while - techs I called said throw it away - how crazy. It's like new worked really good was in wooden blocks it wouldn't fit over the stove here - I had hoped it would be built in initially.

If someone could let me know what to do to clean the blowed fan wheels and even inside the motor area they attach to - I'd be so happy!

I can't handle no microwave. It was purchased from a surplus store - they tested it in front of me - but I had no idea if it had been used for cooking food before I got it - I just couldn't believe the black burnt smoking rice and corel baking dish ruined.

Thank you for your time and help everyone.

It's a lot of $ to replace it's huge. : )

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