My dog chewed headset cord. Where can I fix it?

Where can I get my VR headset cord fixed?

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if its the cord that connects the device to another device for input, you can strip back the chewed part and twist the wires together. will want to apply solder to the joint for data transfer, without it it wont work. after, you can apply heat shrink tube or electrical tape over the repaired area. if you want to take to a shop, any local electronics shop wouldnt charge much (varies on shop and area). i wouldnt charge but 50 to 60 bucks. the repair done by yourself or a service shop will be about as comprable in quality of repair. to get it factory refurbed…youll want to contact htc for quote.

take a look here and see if these are one of the cords that you can purchase and not have the hassel:

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