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Checking Media when Booting

My laptop started writing this message when I boot it, and it slows down with like 15 seconds for some time now.The BIOS time has increased, and i want to know what can I do to stop it.

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What is the model number of the laptop.

Start the laptop and press F2 before it boots into Windows to get into BIOS.

Once in the BIOS menus check the Boot menu and disable PXE boot (maybe known as Network boot). Also ensure that the HDD is set as the 1st boot option.

Save the changes, then exit BIOS, restart the laptop and check what happens..

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I have two PXE options which are PXE boot to LAN and IPV4 PXE first which do I disable or do I disable both ? Thank you


@Nsikan Umoh

Is the HDD (or SSD) the 1st boot option?

If you are not having to connect to a network to boot the computer then you should be able to disable both.


Yes I can disable both of them. Are both of them considered as PXE boot or just the boot from LAN option.

Also I do not know if the HDD is the first boot option how do I check that


@Nsikan Umoh

In the BIOS menus there should be a boot option menu and it usually lists the boot order for the laptop i.e. it may be HDD as the 1st choice, followed by USB as the 2nd choice, and the other choices could be cd-rom or pxe etc or even disabled.

When booting the boot manager goes through the boot option list looking for a bootable OS.

For example some are cd-rom as 1st choice and HDD as 2nd choice so if there was a 'bootable" cd disc (or dvd) inserted it would boot from it and not the HDD. If there were no disc inserted it would skip over the 1st choice and boot from the 2nd choice and so on.

If pxe was the 1st choice it would look for a network connection to boot from and may stall at that point if the laptop wasn't connected to a network via a LAN connection or maybe a IPV4 (I think that IPV4 may be WiFi but am not quite sure as I don't have a Lenovo and it is not in my BIOS menus as an option whereas PXE boot is)


Thank you very much this was helpful I have fixed the problem by disabling the PXE BOOT option


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