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My iPhone 7 home button isn't working after charging port replacement

I give my iPhone 7 to a technician to fix a faulty charging port, he did replace it with another charging port I am sure it is not original, and suddenly the home button is stuck and I can not press it or use touch ID.

I came back to the technician with this problem and he replaced my screen with another screen and the home button works again, he said its an original screen but I do not think so because of the colors and the price.

I asked why he said sometimes this happened and it happened with him with other customer but I did not believe it is true.

Why this problem happened with my original screen but not with the other one? Is it possible he did break my screen? Is there any solution to fix this?

Important: the home button is the original one.

Note: my screen has some cracks in the glass but it was working.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

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So the problem with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 screens is that they have a display cable that essentially does a 160 degree fold which can easily cause the ribbon cable for the screen to be torn if not handled carefully or even just stop working properly from opening up the phone and removing the screen.

Original screens are marginally more expensive than aftermarket screens so I highly doubt it is an original screen because they are somewhat harder to get and you can only get refurbished original most of the time. Original display but replaced glass which will look exactly like the original.

What most likely happened is the 3D touch / home button extension flex got damaged in some sort of way. We actually had this happen once no matter how carefully we opened the device it just decided to happen on that time. It’s extremely rare but it happens.

I am assuming touch is not functioning right now, you’ll probably need to get the screen replaced. I would consider going to a reputable repair shop. Not the same one because I think they lied about the original part if the colours are definitely different.

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Home button and Touch ID working just fine but only with the aftermarket display, with the original I can not press the home button its acts just like if the iPhone is powered off.

After this happened the tech act as I can pay what I want for the display but I figured out he wants to charge 20 to 25 $ so I think it is not original as he told me and I do not think I have to pay anything if he broke my display.


Wouldn't be surprised if he still charged you for a charger port replacement that is to be expected.

But when the technician breaks a screen I expect them to at least not charge for a screen replacement additionally.

Since he charged $20-$25 for the screen it appears he wanted to cover at the very least the cost of the screen to the customer.

What he should of done is just not charge extra for the screen replacement since it broke during the repair which is the right thing to do.


Any chance it might be a software related problem becasue the new charging port is not original or something?!!

I paid for the charging port but I think I should not pay for the display.


@alsadk Ben is absolutely right. The technician damaged you home button flex cable while removing the screen. Like Ben it has happened to me. My response to this is “It’s no good crying over spilt milk” and I replace the screen with the same quality one for no cost as I was the one that damaged it.


Just to be clear the home button wasn't damaged as mentioned by the OP, it was the screen cable that got damaged where it connected to the home button. The original home button is still working.


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