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Toshiba Satellite C75D Notebook. Part of Toshiba's "budget conscious" C-series of laptops, released in 2013.

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"Trying to load Windows,but says No Bootable device found"

My Toshiba Satellite C75D-B7304 had a bad hard drive, I replaced it and am trying to load windows on it and it tells me No bootable device — Please restart system. I did a search on here and did what I thought would work,but didn’t. BTW, I can’t switch from UEF1 to CSM. What can I do ??

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Is the hard drive original or has it been replaced in the past? Toshiba manufactures horrible hard drives and they use them in their own laptops despite the problems. The hard drive is usually first to go in a Toshiba laptop and it always seems to happen within 1.5-2 years. Any time you see one of these with a replacement drive, it either means a DIYer did a precautionary replacement or it died in the hands of a end user. If they’re purchased by DIYers it’s addressed before they leave the bench. We don’t get to find out the drive died in the field - yes, EVEN IF the drive works.

Knowing how many of them are an easy fix I’d normally buy them with the dead drive and replace it (especially Haswell ones), but they abused the DMCA. I know they aren’t getting a cent on a used machine, but I don’t want to indirectly support them if I can help it.

There are no guides here to do it, but this video details the procedure. Any drive will work, but your best bet is to put an SSD in. These days, 500GB SSDs aren’t much more if you can afford it.

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Hi Wolfie Wolf

What I think that you had just replaced the defective hdd with a new hdd with no OS installed.

Get a usb thumbdrive, 8GB or greater and use another PC to make a win10 usb installer.

Follow the below steps to make win10 installler.

How to Create a USB boot drive for Windows 10

Maintain in UEFI settings on your bios, and secure boot on.

once the usb has been created, allow it to boot from usb and follow the instructions to perform os installation.

run windows update to complete some drivers updates / gaps.

if you are unsure, update us here. we will be glad to help you.

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