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Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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No audio from earphones

iPod 5th gen 30GB and iPod 6th gen 120GB.

5th gen - I used to get sound out of one earphone and now I don’t get any, not even any static when inserting and removing jack - everything else appears to work fine.

6th gen is almost the same as it comes through one earphone but if I half remove the jack it comes through both earphones.

Does anyone have any ideas what issue is on either model and possible fix?

After reading similar issues on the forum, I don’t know how to play from 30 pin and pressing on the bottom right doesn’t affect sound. I have tried 2 sets of earphones and a pair of headphones with no success.

I am particularly interested in how it can play from one earphone but not the other.


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It sounds like it needs a new headphone jack/hold switch. It's not that hard to replace. There are a few videos on YouTube one how to replace it and you should pay attention on how to open the case. You can buy all of the parts for ipod classics including the iflash which replaces the harddrive with a sd card has all of the hard ti find parts.

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I assumed it could be and bought a new headphone jack. This has been installed but sound still coming out of one ear. Headphones are working perfectly in another device.

My mind is blown what it could be.


I would try another headphone set. I have seen the plugs that don't go all the way in.


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