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The Wii is a gaming console manufactured by the Japanese company Nintendo. The Wii is well known for being one of the first consoles with full body motion use in its interactive games and for supporting the popular Mario Franchise. Model Number: RVL-101(USA)

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Why won't my Wii read discs after replacing the lens?

I have done all of the things suggested to figure out why my Wii won't read discs, I have even replaced the lens with a brand new one… but it is still giving me the disc reading error. It does not make any unusual noises and the discs are spinning just fine. I even checked the region to make sure it wasn't a compatability issue and have tried multiple discs. What else could possibly be wrong?

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Hi Tracie!

Well, it could be multiple things at this point.

  1. Is the Wii soft/hardware modded? Could be a faulty modchip.
  2. The ribbon cable that enters the drive from the motherboard, could be faulty.

It’s rare, but it happened me too that the ribbon cable was broken and needs to be replaced.

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