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Released on July 28th, 2017, the New Nintendo 2DS XL is a handheld gaming console succeeding the Nintendo 2DS.

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2 Ribbon cable connectors didn't snap back on after disassembly

Hello everyone,

Today I had to replace my bottom screen because it was cracked. Everything was going fine, but as I was putting my system back together, I realized that two ribbon cable tabs would not lock the ribbon cable in place no matter how hard I tried. They were both the same type: a small, gray connector with a tab on top. Because of this, two ribbon cables are very loose inside the system. I'm glad my system can still power on, but it tends to shut off and make a popping sound if I press the ZL button. My question is: is it normal for these connectors to not snap back on anymore after opening them? Has any of this happened to anyone else while opening up their New 2DS XL? Thanks for reading.

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Hi John!

The first time when you open up the ZIF connector, is more difficult then the 2nd time. But anyway, it should still be able to lock! The ribbon cable should not be loose, but should be locked inside the connector. Make sure it’s all in and lock it (sometimes it won’t lock easy, but don’t use too much preasure, it breaks easily!). And when it’s locked, it should hold the cable and it should not be loose at all. Are the ribbon cables identical to each other?

Could you sent us some pictures of it?

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Here is a picture of my 2ds xl motherboard. I circled the two connectors that no longer lock: I've tried pushing them in as far as I reasonably can, but to no avail. The ribbon cables will slide out with a weak pull. Both of these ribbon cable holders and the ribbon cables that they connect to were identical, as far as I can tell. If it helps, I added a picture of the entire 2ds motherboard to the same link.

Every other ribbon cable connector was able to lock without a hassle.


Alright. You can still open up the connectors and close it, right? But it just won't lock and hold the cable? You should open the connector itself first all the way. Then put the ribbon cable in, till it can't go any further at all. Then close it and check if the cable won't move.

If you already done this, it can be multiple things. As example: that the ribbon cable is too long (or to big). The mechanism of the connector is broken/not working as it should..


Ok so I did a bit of research and it turns out that I most likely broke the two connectors. Although they look exactly like ZIF connectors, the tabs on them are not supposed to be lifted. I found out from this video at 15:15:

Interestingly, he says that the circle pad connector is also like this, but I haven't had a problem with that connector.

I guess tape would be my next best solution...


@John256145 ahw that’s too bad :(.. yeah or you could buy new connectors. Desolder the old ones, and solder the new ones back in. Those connectors could be tricky sometimes :(..


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