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The HP 15-AF131DX Notebook is a 15.6 inch laptop with a sturdy plastic design and decent hardware It uses Windows 10 Home operating system.

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My youngest brother beheaded the laptop. How do I fix it while keeping

My youngest brother literally beheaded the laptop due to anger. How do I fix it while keeping all of the files in that now-broken laptop?

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Was the laptop on at the time?

Your files should be safe as long as the HDD was not corrupted, damaged etc. due to either the reason for the damage or possible power problems because of this.

If you have a desktop PC (or know someone who has) the HDD can be installed in it as a secondary HDD and then checked to see if it is still OK or not. Just a thought.

Here’s the maintenance and service guide for the laptop, taken from this webpage

The manual details the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove /replace all of the components.

So you should be able to remove the HDD from the laptop for safe keeping while you repair the rest of the laptop. Once repaired you can make sure that it works OK by getting into BIOS on startup and if it is all OK then switch off etc and reinstall the HDD again and then test it further (use the manual to see how to reinstall etc.)

It looks like you may need new hinges, and possibly a new top cover (this is where the hinges screw into in the body of the laptop) and also possibly a new display assembly (can’t see to well if it is damaged or not) and other parts in the lid.

All of the components part numbers are listed in the manual, so if you need to replace any etc, search online using the appropriate part number only to find suppliers that suit you. If you wish to verify that you are getting the correct part number, usually the part number can be found somewhere on the component itself e.g. underside of top cover, back of LCD screen etc.

As always with electronics repair, disconnect or remove all power sources e.g. battery, as soon as they can be accessed during disassembly, before commencing any other work in the device and only reconnect them as late as possible during reassembly after the work has been completed for the repair to minimize any potential electrical problems from occurring, mechanical problems causing damage - tools slipping etc are another matter - be careful and don’t rush it. Old saying I learnt as an apprentice telecommunications technician over 50 years ago hasn’t changed, it is still relevant today - Power off first, on last, (unless live testing is required of course) ;-)

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Sorry but I was too lazy to respond. I don't remember if it was on.

And I don't want to do it by myself. I just want to have a professional do it for me, even if it means having to pay. Can you recommend me someone who can repair it for me (& restore the files) from online?


Hi @Johnny

It may be best if you search through the ifixit professional repairers list for someone in your location and ask them, as I'm sure that I wouldn't know anyone near you as I'm in Western Australia ;-)


I'm in the United States. Can you show me another webpage that has professional repairers for my HP 15-AF131DX and its files?


Hi @ Johnny

nearly all the repairers in the professional repairers list above are located in North America.

Just type your location i.e. city or town will do, in the "search repair pros" search box to hopefully get results for one near you. If not in your exact location try the next biggest city or town that is close to you.


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