Why device is don't see new battery

why device is don't see new battery?

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Hi @just4pc ,

What is the full model number of the laptop?

What OS is installed?

Does the laptop indicate that the battery is charging when you connect the charger to the laptop but do not turn the laptop on?



there is hp split x2 13 "

os is windows 8

computer start up without charger but there is writing battery is not detected but computer works without charger there i connect charger this still showing battery not detected and not showing this is charging

tryed to uninstall battery drivers nothing helped actually even tryed to turn on without battery only with charger uninstall drivers than connect battery and start but nothing helped there

so that's why i'am there


also i think this is controller problem but waiting for others answers what others think


Hi @just4pc ,

Do you still have the old battery?

Just wondering if perhaps the new battery may be faulty. There are more than just the necessary +ve and -ve power wires in a battery.

If the old battery is still in a working condition, you may have to re-install it just to verify if it is a motherboard/controller/driver problem or a problem with the new battery.

What does the hardware diagnostic program in the laptop say? See p.77 of the service manual



yes i have old battery i watched old battery is dead

what the program exactly need to use to see problem?

i get that error every time


when i insert charger this staying brighter and indicator light computer working without charger but this don't see battery

thanks , waiting for answer


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