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Canon's Rebel XT is one of Canon's early entry-level DSLR's. Also marketed as the EOS 350D and the EOS Kiss Digital N.

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Flash doesn't work when fully up


I've got EOS XT also known as 350D and the flash suddenly stopped responding. It will pop up in automatic mode under low light but won't flash nor will strobe to help focus.

It did flash when the flap was manaully pushed down half way through but it's not doing it even in this position anymore.

Any ideas how to fix it if it can be fixed?



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my guess is that there is a metal contact that has been bent/broken from flash battery to your bulb.. As to how that would be fixed? The guides on here can be found at the top of the page..there are plenty of eos camera's and the old rebel, I'm fairly sure that by reading through them you'll be able to work out how to get that top panel off. If you are very lucky Gabe or oldturkey03 may have some better information or manuals. All the best..

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Dariusz, I believe that my colleague pollytintop is right., There is a micro switch that is being engaged ( or disengaged) pending if you use a horseshoe flash. See if that one is stuck. For a more in depth repair, download the service manual for your camera from here It is a large document and depending on your connect speed may take a while ;-) Let us know how it is going and good luck.

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knew you'd have a manual up your sleeve! ;-)


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