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20-inch, 23-inch, and 30-inch aluminum LCD displays introduced by Apple in June 2004. Models A1081, A1082, and A1083 respectively.

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Finding the chord that goes from the power adapter to the monitor

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I have a 150W adapter for a 2005 monitor on a 30 inch. A1083. I am trying to find the chord that connects the power adapter to the monitor. What is that called? Where can I buy it?

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I think the Cinema HD displays have one cord (built-in to the monitor) that splits into DVI and the power connector. Could you upload some pictures of the back of the display, and its cord?


added a picture


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Thank you! Is there a cable that looks like a USB-C cable attached to the main (thick) cable that's attached to the monitor?

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Oh its on that chord!!! im such a dummy


No big deal! Apple has put some bizarre, and confusing connectors on their products.


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