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Smartwatch from Samsung released in August 2020. The direct successor to the Galaxy Watch from 2018.

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My watch doesn't keep charge

why does my watch not keeping charge. As soon as its off charge , the watch runs flat

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I suppose you made sure that there are no plastic covers over the charger or debris which could interrupt the charging. I also guess that you checked that the watch is actually charging when placed on the charger.

That said you could try and force restart the watch (once while off the charger and once while on the charger) to see if that solves the issue.

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I recognize this is an old question. If the force restart does not work and the issue is “As soon as its off charge , the watch runs flat” it is the battery that no longer holds a charge. Start with that. If nothing else it will provide a known-well starting point should further troubleshooting be needed. Samsung Galaxy Watch3 Battery Replacement

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