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A1706 / EMC 3071—Released in November 2016, this 13" Macbook Pro introduces the OLED Touch Bar. Features a dual-core "Skylake" Intel Core i5 CPU and four Thunderbolt 3 ports.

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A display problem after a water damage?


I have MacBook pro 13” 2016 with touch bar, and here is the problem:

  • I spilled water on the keyboard
  • I kept using it (I know its wrong)
  • The macbook was working just fine until now
  • I connected it to the charger due to low battery
  • The macbook start charging and disconnecting then charging repeatedly and I felt like there is a short circuit on the charger or something.
  • I disconnected the charger.
  • The screen goes bad, at first when I lift the screen up the colors and display is just fine for a second then the light changing, sometimes there is a white color refreshing and sometime the white goes up until I can see the screen and sometimes it goes down like the display goes to dark mode but it does not because the colors is not right.
  • Within the screen madness I can work on the macbook just find and it functions just find also its charges with no problem.

Now I do not think the water reached to the LCD but I am asking for your opinions of whats might be wrong with it, is it a bad display flex, blacklight cable damage or I must change the screen? Because the screen is expensive I need to make sure there is another option to fix this.

Any help will be appreciated, thanks.

Block Image


This is a video of the problem


This is a pic when the light goes darker

Block Image

Update (09/11/2020)


Thank Allah, I opened my MacBook last Wednesday and the screen is working just fine. I disconnected all removable cables from the T-Con and connect them again with no effect, Then I stopped display sleep to keep it working and used external display and on Wednesday I opened my MacBook and its working. Thank Allah.

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Sadly, you will need a new display assembly as while no water go into the lid partition of the display there is still part of it hanging out in the main case, its this part that got damaged!

Hopefully the rest of the logic board is OK.

Time to get your system into someone who has the deeper skills to service it. Apple won’t fix your system as they don’t work on liquid damaged systems. So you’ll need to find an independent repair shop with skills in MacBook Pro systems. Where do you live? Country & nearest city, maybe we can aim you to someone.

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This is my thoughts on how to fix it with less $$$

1. Clean the logic board and display cable connector using isopropyl alcohol and Q-tip.

2. Clean T-Con and all removable display cables and connectors using isopropyl alcohol and Q-tip.

3. Change the display flux cable which connect the logic board to the T-Con.

I do not know if this will fix it but I hope it might save me a money, I shared this with you so you can help me with it.


@alsadk - You have the right idea of cleaning your logic board. But you'll need a soft toothbrush not cotton swabs (Q-Tips) as the cotton will snag the small components which could tear them off making more of a mess.

As far as the T-CON board it has soldered on shields which are just impossible to take off without damaging things (I know I've tried) to add to it the display ribbon cables are soldered on (the two bigger ones) This is why you just can't get to the areas that need to be cleaned. Ideally, you want to soak the T-CON board alone in a ultrasonic unit without getting the lid assembly wet at all.

You also need reagent quality 85% or better isopropyl alcohol. Which is not easy to get right now due to COVID and expensive!

Just be prepared! As even with the effort you may end up needing the new display assembly anyways!



Well i can get isopropyl alcohol but ultrasonic is hard to find is it necessary?

Is it possible that a new display flex cable will solve the problem? Or its not flex cable related?


The LCD cables are soldered and not replaceable! Your only hope is the ultrasonic just dipping the T-CON board in only!

Thats why I aimed you to just replace the full assembly as by the time you buy the needed ultrasonic and any other tools you've already spent over half the cost of a new display.



I meant the flex cable that connects the logic board to the T-Con.


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