A strange boot loop rooted in a third party screen?

An iPhone X who’s screen had been replaced began to enter into a bootloop once a software update was downloaded(or so it seems, I didn’t personally witness it). The apple logo would show for a few seconds, shut down, and repeat again. Occasionally, the phone would fully boot, either at random or through a hard reset, but it wouldn’t take too long to go back into the loop.

I first tried going into DFU and flashing and it seemed to solve the problem. I personally used the phone for a few days and found no issues. Upon selling it to the second client (the first couldn’t stay in town for me to solve the problem and I refunded), it was again brought back to me in a loop, and I noticed both situations had wi-fi on and downloaded an update prior to it happening. What I eventually came to notice as well, however, is that upon barely raising the screen after unscrewing it, it immediately came out of its boot loop. Frustrated with the difficulty of merely witnessing the problem, I decided to replace the screen instead of wasting more time troubleshooting it and no issues have risen since.

What I wonder now is what sense does it make that raising the screen fixed the problem? Could it be an issue with the fit? Some chip being forced too much while shut? And why does it only happen upon an update? This is still expensive material and I need to figure out what to do with it, as I’m not sure I’ll be able to return it.

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