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My PS3 won't turn on. No lights whatsoever.

I have a PS3 Slim (160 Gb) variant. 2 days ago I ordered GTA V. When i inserted the CD everything was fine. Proceeded to installing the game and at about 50% the PS3 just shut down with no beep or anything. When I connect it to the power cable, I can't see any red light or anything. It's as if it's dead. I looked up a lot on the internet for solutions and it's not YLOD cus there's no light at all. I opened it up too, cleaned it properly (it was very dirty lol) and it still won't turn on. Can someone please help me out?? (I took my PS3 out 4 days ago. My mom had stored it in a cabinet for a couple of months)

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It is most likely a PSU failure and/or some capacitor blown.

You need a multimeter and a new PSU (like this:, or if you have a configurable power source you could use it to verify that the problem is the PSU.

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Thanks for the quick answer.Will changing the PSU ensure that the PS3 will work fine like before?


You should try another power cable, and power outlet just to make sure that the cable isn’t causing the problem. Since there is no light or any sign your ps3 is turning on, it’s either the cable the power outlet or the PSU.

Good luck


There is no certainty, it could even be the motherboard burnt.


Does your ps3 work now ?


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If it’s not PSU problem.then it may be motherboard issue

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