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VAIO laptop won't turn on [VPCZ22AJ]

A week ago, I pressed the power button to bring my computer back from sleep mode and it suddenly shut down without even turning on the display.

Then I tried to fix it, unplugged the power/battery/cmos battery, pressed the power button for a minute, then returned it and pressed the power button again, but it wouldn't start.

Next, I opened the back cover, disconnected all the connectors to the main board, applied CPU grease and reassembled, and it turn on. then I ran a windows ram error check, but there was no problem.

Then for several days, I was able to use it as the same as before without any power off, but at one time, it entered sleep mode and the same symptoms occurred. I tried the same repair procedure and replaced the cmos battery with a new one, but it doesn't turn on.

I also tried to remove the RAM, but I couldn't remove it due to the special connection.

Symptoms of pressing the power button are: no power LED, no fan rotation, wireless LED lit for a couple of seconds then shut down. Same for both batteries only DC cable only.

The power button did not respond again unless I removed the battery aftear this.

Please give me some help.

( I'm Japanese and I use machine translation to revise my work, so I apologize if there is anything in the text that doesn't make sense or is hard to read. )

Update (09/13/2020)

Luckily, it's up and running right now!But I think the same symptoms will occur.

Here's what I tried.

First, I warmed up the AC adapter a little (because I experienced a PC with a weak power supply taking a long time to boot up before).

Then DC plug in with no battery, turn on the power button, and if it didn't start, unplug it and try again.When I did this 3 times, it started up.

Is there any cause for this?

Let me know if there's anything else I should check while it's up and running.

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Hi @caldlian

Some things to check :

Since it is working at the moment and if Win 10 is the OS, create a Win 10 battery report just to check the condition of the battery. I realize that you said that the problem occurs whether on the battery only or the charger only, this is only to eliminate if there is also a problem with the battery as well.

Try starting the laptop in safe mode with networking and see if this occurs. Sleep mode is not available when in safe mode so if it starts and then after a while you shut it down in the normal manner and then try to restart it and it starts OK, it may be a driver problem or 3rd party startup program problem interfering with the sleep function as only generic Windows drivers and no 3rd party programs are loaded when starting in safe mode. If it still won’t start after having been in safe mode etc. then it may be a hardware problem

Run a sfc command to check if there are any corrupted or missing system files.

Bu yanıt yardımcı oldu mu?

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Thank you for your reply, jayeff.

The last thing I can see is PERIOD: 2019-07-15 - 2019-07-22, FULL CHARGE CAPACITY: 32,970 mWh and DESIGN CAPACITY: 47,510 mWh.

The information seems to have stopped in the last year due to long periods of use with the AC adapter plugged in; I think the low CHARGE CAPACITY is due to VAIO's ability to set the maximum charge to a lower level.

(And I may have forgotten to mention, but when I connected the AC adapter while disassembling and repairing it, the charge light came on and I was able to charge it.)

I then tried sfc /scannow, but no integrity violation was detected.

Next time, I was able to start the safe mode successfully, shut down (not reboot) and boot from the power button.

Thanks for the help. I'm going to stop every sleep mode from functioning and let it boot up for a while to see what happens. (Maybe the CMOS battery I replaced worked for me.)

If the same symptoms occur again, I'll come back here for help.




I'm not sure that the maximum charge level would be set at only ~69% though. That seems a little low.

Try altering the charging level (don't know the laptop so not sure how this is done) to see if it can be raised to at least 80%. That's about the usual figure for prolonging the life of the battery



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