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Information and repair instructions for Hotpoint Refrigerator

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Hotpoint XECO85TI2GH Fridge not cooling in frost free fridge freezer

Hi, I have a Hotpoint XECO85TI2GH frost free fridge freezer which is only 3 years old and out of warranty now (of course).

Recently the fridge has not been cooling. I was advised to turn it off for a couple of days to make sure no ice had built up, which I did.

It’s still not cooling properly. It is on and running when I set it to superfreeze - you can hear it running but then the fridge gets quite icy if left on too long or it seems like there’s cold ‘humidity’ in there. The freezer seems cold enough. When I put it back to it’s number setting 5 or 6, it turns off completely and I can’t hear it running. Someone suggested it’s the condensor that’s not running properly. Any ideas? I really don’t wnat to have to buy a new one as this looks still brand new, but then I don’t want to pay for a repair only to find that something else needs repairing etc. Thank you.

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Hi @carol1001 ,

Please verify the "model" number as the number you posted is giving no results when searching online for it. (this is in case any parts are needed for it)?


Hi I may have got the O and 0 mixed up - sorry - try XECO85TI2GH. Thank you.


Hi @carol1001 ,

Are you sure that it is not XEC085T21GH as I still can't find anything for the model you posted but can for the number shown?

I’m not sure but I’m wondering if the freezer section is OK but not the fridge section, whether the temp sensor in the fridge compartment is OK.

The sensor part #6919 is located in the fridge compartment

Click on "Thermometers (2)" and then the parts diagram in the middle to view the location of the sensor.

This is only what I think and may not be the problem at all. Someone who is more familiar with your model may know what it is.



Thank you - I just checked - I turned it onto number 6 a few hours ago and it wasn't on. It still isn't on. I've just turned it off and back on again - nothing. (The light is on). So I've pressed the superfreeze button and it's fired up and is now on (making the fridge noise).

Also just to note, when it was working properly, it used to make quite a bit of noise and I guessed that was the freezer no frost function kicking in etc, but it hasn't been making those noises since the problem started.

I can't see any temp sensor in the fridge itself. But I just checked behind the very bottom drawer right at the back and there's ice in the crevice there.

Hope this helps. Thanks.


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Hi @carol1001 ,

Given that the compressor turns on when the superfreeze button is pressed and that it starts to cool down, this proves that the compressor is working and that the refrigerant is being pumped though the sealed system to cool things down.

When the temperature control is adjusted and the compressor is stopped may mean that the controls “think” that the temperature is OK when it is not, therefore no further cooling is necessary. The fact that the compressor doesn’t restart when it should when the temperature has risen, also points more to a control problem rather than a compressor problem

It may be a simple fix so perhaps contacting a fridge repairer to check the problem will be still cheaper than a new fridge

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