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The 2013 revamp of the desktop Mac series known as the Mac Pro.

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Why my Mac Pro Cylinder Shuts down unexpectedly after few minutes (5)

Power on , ok, but few minutes shuts down

And I try to power on and nothing, only lights on ports like on video

If turn off, for a long time, turn on again, but some minutes turn off again.

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Have you tried running the onboard diagnostics to see if an error pops?

After letting the system sit awhile if it runs longer being cold, restart your system and press the D key to enter. tell us what the error code is.

Reference: Mac startup key combinations


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Without an error code to aim us it will be hard to diagnose what has failed. The likely suspects are in order:

  • Power supply
  • Failing capacitor on logic board VRM power logic which supports the CPU

The cause can be as simple as a power surge/bad AC cycle coming from your power lines. I strongly recommend a good UPS. Your peripherals likewise need to be sharing this UPS or if at a distance using a good surge suppressor outlet strip or its own UPS. As an example my internet modem is on its own surge suppressor as its located a distance from my desk with an ethernet cable connecting to my trash can Mac Pro.

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