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Repair and disassembly guides for electronic keyboards.

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keyboard wouldn't turn off, now doesn't turn on anymore

I have a Yamaha p45 digital piano, and sometime in the last month the light kept itself on and wouldn’t turn off, even after pressing and holding the button, with no sound at all. I decided to plug it off and plug it in again. The light turned off finally, but now I can’t get the piano to turn on anymore. Any tips? Do I have to replace a fuse or get another power supply?

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Here are some images from the Yamaha P45B service manual that may help. I couldn’t find the manual for a P45 so hopefully this will be close enough to still be of some help. Be patient when going to download the manual as it takes a bit of time to go from processing to download after you have passed the security check and then clicked on Go to Download.

The images show what to test for and where when the power is connected but the keyboard doesn’t turn on.

There are full schematics in the manual so if there is no power at the DM board then the schematics will help to find out why.

Block Image

Block Image

(click on images to enlarge for better viewing)

Hopefully a start.

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