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The HP ZBook 15 is a powerful mobile workstation with advanced processing capability. Released in October 2013, this computer has the power and speed of a desktop in a highly portable package. Identifiable by model number F1M31UT. Most parts are easily accessible allowing for quick, simple repairs.

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Zbook turns off before POST due to display problem

Hello there,

I am currently trying to repair a ZBook 17. After plugging in the power adapter the leds blink for 3 seconds and it turns off again, the screen remains black.

After a while of troubleshooting i found that when I unplug the display cable from the motherboard OR from the display unit (and connecting an external VGA screen) it gets to POST.

Can this be caused by a bad display cable although it is causing no error when it reamins plugged in the motherboard and is disconnected only at the LCD? How can I determine what exactly is causing the issue? For all I know it could also be a bad LCD or even a problem with the graphics card or motherboard.

I don’t want to buy replacement parts before I know for sure what is causing the problem. Can I narrow it down further without buying any parts?

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Hi @ardias ,

From your description, the problem appears to be in the display assembly.

The laptop works OK with an external monitor and the laptop video cable disconnected from the display assembly only.

This proves that there is no problem with the motherboard or GPU as the laptop turns on and there is a display and that there are no short circuits between the wires in the laptop video cable which may be causing the problem as it is still connected to the motherboard.

You could always satisfy yourself that the video cable is OK by using an Ohmmeter and check that each wire in the video cable has continuity from end to end and if they are all OK then all that’s left is the display assembly itself.

Also try searching online for (insert motherboard’s board number) schematic to hopefully find them. The board number is printed on the motherboard. This may also help.

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Thank you @jayeff

I guess its the display then. Just want to avoid to buy a new one for 80 bucks if its not broken.


@ardias Scrap the display and cable on this one, especially if you aren't sure - HP Z gear isn't cheap to get parts for if you wreck the motherboard. You can try the cable if you want, but be prepared to buy a display.

$80 for a display is cheaper then a Z motherboard.


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