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Xbox one Elite 2 controller missing components near right joystick


I’ve got a problem with an Xbox Elite 2 Controller. I replaced the right joystick and it works fine except that it does not register a button press of the right joystick.

In the process I may have knocked off two components right next to it:

Block Image

Any help with identifying the missing components and what to replace them with is much appreciated.


I really want to know, so I got my hands on another one of these that needs fixing for a good price. This is what the components look like:

Block Image

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Probably the same as the capacitor next to it. usually when a component forks off in two directions like that the caps are identical.

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Hi there, thanks! I uploaded another picture with the two components on the board. The component looks different than the cap. Could it be a resistor? The one above it is a small black box, a bit taller than the cap. It's connected by two traces. Could it be a diode maybe?


i cant really tell what it is in the second photo, to blurry. It kinda looks like a switch,


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If anyone cares, I managed to fix it. The lower component is a 32 ohm resistor. I just searched old junk PCBs and took one that fits. The upper component is a diode and this one is not critical.

Also there was a broken trace, so I soldered a jumper wire from the button switch to the 32 ohm resistor and everything was working ok then. I skipped replacing the diode because it’s too much trouble in that awkward spot with the broken trace. No clue what the diode is there for.

Desoldering that joystick module was a PITA because the PCB somehow eats up a lot of heat. Much more annoying to work on than the previous controllers! Now all is good :-)

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