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The Samsung Chromebook XE303C12-A01US laptop features an 11.6" screen and a 16 GB SSD hard drive. This small notebook computer allows for easy access to the Internet and can run various web apps.

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Can I replace chrome os to windows 10

can i get know faster

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I suspect not. These things are essentially phone hardware in a laptop casing. They are not regular laptops, they're meant to connect to googles cloud services, not store things locally.

It was their attempt at suckering (read: forcing, duping, capturing) people into their ecosystem by storing all your things on their computers (by the way, also agreeing to let them datamine the data you give them, to pay for the free services they're giving you. There is no cloud, its just someone else's computer), so when you need more space it's a pain in the butt to get your data back and thus making it easier to give them money for more storage. Which is very disingenuous since 95% of what they offer is easily set up on a spare computer running Linux to host servers and provide services, all without allowing a tech giant into your private life....

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Generally no, it's usually not feasible. First of all, ChromeBooks don't come with the standard BIOS/UEFI firmware that Windows relies on for interfacing with the hardware.

Secondly, Windows is primarily geared toward Intel processors and your ChromeBook is running a Samsung Exynos 5 Dual 1.7Ghz CPU. I'm not familiar with it, but I strongly suspect it's based on the ARM CPU architecture. At any rate, a standard Windows release won't run on that processor.

Given the rather anemic processing power of that computer putting Windows on it is going to make it run even slower. The device page lists complaints about the speed of the processor as an issue for your laptop and that's running ChromeOS; you put Windows on it and it's going to slow down to a crawl.

So even if you could accomplish that very dubious task, you'd hate the results.

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You might be able to, but it is quite unlikely, given that, like a few people said above, it uses an ARM processor and is very cheap. While it is possible to run a different on a Chromebook, it is very hard to do and takes quite a while (It took at least 2 hours for me to install Ubuntu on my Chromebook) and also, it is not really supported. If you are willing to install a different OS on a Chromebook, I would recommend spending a bit more to buy one with an Intel CPU.

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