Frigidaire Dishwasher wont do anything

My MIL called me over, her Frigidaire dishwasher stopped working. I went over there…a few days later. Water is sitting in the bottom, soap still in dispenser. First I reset the breaker. That did nothing. I closed it told it to start, the lights come on, it clicks but does nothing. All the lights work, lights flash if you open it while it says its running, cancel turns everything off but it won’t drain, won’t run, nothing. I haven’t taken anything apart yet. I cleaned the inlet which wasn’t dirty, checked the float, it wasn’t stuck. I told her I didn’t know and to buy a new one. But before we do that has anyone else had this problem? Is it maybe a simple fix? Please help if you can.

Update (11/09/2020)

Also checked to make sure the keypad wasn't locked and it wasn't. I held down the cancel button for a while and it clicked after a few seconds, still nothing. Tried different button combinations to reset a different way and nothing. Im at a loss unless it circuitry.

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@brandon_s what exact model number is your DW?


@oldturkey03 I didn’t document what exact model it was... I know it’s 4 years old and a cheap model that came as a package deal with stove and fridge. No display on it just small green lights under the buttons.


Hi @brandon_s

The model number will really help us to help you with the problem


I will see what I can do to get over there and get the model number.


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