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Small, easily transportable laptop released in 2012. The Gateway LT4004u is best equipped for simple uses, including web browsing and typical office or school applications.

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Someone help! My screen wont turn on at all

Why wont my laptop screen turn on, the blue light turns on but not the screen? I can hear the program running but i still not turning on please help!!

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Can you try to connect it to an external display?


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Hook the laptop up to an external display to make sure it at least boots - this will tell you if it’s the board or screen, at least as a basic test.

If it turns out it’s fine externally, then you’ll need an LCD. However, netbooks tend to be disposable at this point, so in many cases parts like screens cost as much as a whole used replacement device, or a modern entry level device in other cases give or take a reasonable price margin. Due to the cost of these netbooks used (especially today!), you’ll need to check the part cost against another one that’s known to work, and some new low end devices like the HP Stream*. You may be better off pulling the hard drive and scrapping the netbook.

*Yes, I hate these things - however, my secondary machines are an E6440 i5-4300M and an E7440 i7-4600U FHD Touch IPS. I’m able to do the repairs, so I don’t bother with these Windows Cloudbooks as it makes no sense when you can buy a $1k+ business laptop for the price of one of these, even if it needs work. Just bear in mind you usually only get 32GB of soldered(!!!) eMMC and 2GB RAM; sometimes 4GB (again, SOLDERED).

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