Upon screen removal I tested the screen and now it has a white bar?

The cables don’t seem to be damaged, and video output through the keyboard dock still works, what’s happening with my screen?

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Daryl Valle you removed the screen from where and how/why? A white bar usually indicates that your panel does not receive any video signal. Bad cable, torn ribbon etc. would be the most likely cause for this.


@oldturkey03 The SSD needed to be replaced. Should I buy the video cables before buying the LCD?


Daryl Valle take a look at those cables/connectors first and see if you can make out any obvious damage.


Yea, there isn't any obvious damage., the flex cables that attach to the logic board look pristine, if any damage occured it was to the cables on the display itself. While it looks like I hit them with the jimmy they don't look creased/frayed/cut in anyway but they're delicate, so I guess I might need a new panel and not just cables.


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