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Repair guides for the Samsung J7 Pro. Learn how to repair your Samsung J7 Pro on your own.

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Doesn't turn on but when button pressed, says to download custom OS.

One day i was just using my phone when i suddenly turned black screen, cannot boot, anything. I tried anything i even replaced lcd still doesn’t boot. But i pressed volume down, home and power it says download custom OS. i pressed volume up, power and home nothing happens. it takes 50 seconds or 100 tries to get to Custom OS sceen. Help!

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Good evening Ms. Miko, your sound seems like there happened a firmware crash (Boot loader issue) in system software (Operating system), download and flash your device using latest Os (Firmware), I hope it can fix your device, not that firmware flashing cause will lost your data, and device would be like new one. if you feel any trouble please let me know how can it be solved. don’t hesitate to ask further question

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how can i flash new OS because when i plugged in the cellphone in laptop it doesn't detect because its off and cannot be turned on.


can you do a step by step? thank you!!!


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