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The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 4th Gen is a computer released in 2016 with a fingerprint scanner, i7 Processor, and 512GB of SSD. Its model number is 20FB002LUS.

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Laptop won't turn on

I’ve been using laptop over the night and the laptop runs just fine. Then in the morning I want to turn it on but the LED on the power button and the the keyboard backlit just turn on and then off again and the laptop won’t turn on. I’ve tried the reset hole on the back and try to press the power button for a long time. but still not work. is it the power chip or something else?

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If you have already ensured that the laptop is receiving power (the power cord is secure in both the electrical outlet and the laptop's DC jack), then try removing the battery to let it cool for 30 minutes before reinserting it.

Lenovo also has some suggestions in this video:

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Try to unplug and replug the laptop. Or plug it directly to the wall outlet.

In addition, make sure remove all external devices when booting the laptop.

Some related tutorials are helpful:

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I finally fix it using 30 minutes removing the battery. Thanks for all response

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