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The GE62 2QC Apache is a gaming laptop released by MSI in 2015. It has a 15-inch screen and a Nvidia GTX 965M graphics card.

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Exterior surrounding the screen is cracked at the hinge

Pretty straight forward straight forward. Some guy sitting next to me got up and got his foot caught on the power cord yanking the laptop off the table. It hit the floor and the case got cracked. Now, unless I pick it up by the screen and let gravity open my laptop, the case surrounding the screen pries itself apart.

The crack is at the bottom right on the side of the display assembly, and on the reverse side where the hinge meets the display.

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Oh wow that is literally where I see the damage. Oh %#*@ there’s a design flaw for sure then.


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I just got one broken one from some girl and said I can fix it. Hers is cracked and missing the back of the hinge and front even under the screen. Haven’t done the boot test and need a charger to do that. What and where would I get the parts even- for the rear hinge and screen? I don’t know even know whole thing to rebuild that part from. Would you just have to replace the entire upper assembly maybe for the the screen output to work? If that’s doable of course. I guess once I can boot it I can see or scrap it down for parts then.

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This is a question and my speculation as I’m a novice IT tech on my best of days. Sorry mate I’ll let you know for sure though. Thanks!


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