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Front camera not working after changing battery


I just completed a battery exchange on my iPhone 6S following the instructions here and it has gone well except for one thing. The front camera is no longer working. I did not disconnect the screen when doing the battery switch but had is connected with rubber bands to a can of beans. So, even though the screen did not bend more than 90 degrees, I guess some connections might have experienced some strain during the process.

Before I go through the hazzle of opening the phone again. Is there anything I can check from the outside? I have confirmed the proximity sensor is still working because the screen turns off when I hold my hand close to it so I simply wonder:

  • Is there anything else I can check before prying it open again?
  • Is it possible that the camera connector could have unplugged itsel for is it more likely that I have broken it?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Thank you for the advice. I will get on reopening the phone and cross my fingers it just disconnected.


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You will have to open the phone back up. Remove the shield that is covering the connectors, disconnect the screen and check the top flex camera assembly for any tears. If it seems alright connect it all back up making sure all connectors are seated properly, than test the camera. If it is working reinstall the shield and screen.

If it still doesn’t work you will have to install a new front camera flex assembly. Remember to disconnect the battery first.

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Well as you said it may have unplug its self, but from my own experience I would say that it's possible you didn't clip the connector properly on the main board, or their are some dirt on the connector clip either on the board or on the surface of the camera clip, so ensure to clean up when you open before properly cleaning it up.

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