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Why won't Face ID work?

I replaced the screen on my iPhone XS Max. Everything went back together and worked perfectly. Until… about 4 days later the iPhone shut off unexpectedly and when I turned it back on I was given the notification that “Face ID is not available”. I have read that if Face ID sensor cable was damaged it would cause Face ID to become unavailable. If this is the case, why did it work for a few days and suddenly stop? Someone please help!

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It also is possible that face id just stop working even when the phone have never been dropped or came in contact with water or moister. Sometimes things just quit working because of poor quality, age or without a reason (like wear and tear). Just like a tv that stop working afther a few years. And if you want True Tone to work on afthermarket screen you have to program/copy serial no of the original screen to the afthermarket screen, it is not needed for a working Face ID.

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Did you reprogram the screen?

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No I didn't reprogram the screen. Should I have?


It’s rare but I’ve had cases where Face ID stops working if I don’t reprogram the screen, reprogramming the screen has no correlation to Face ID but I’ve noticed Face ID stops working sometimes when you replace the screen without reprogramming.


@ifixphoneslol, i didn't know that, i have a Iphone X and when i try to set up face id it shows higher/lower, would it help when i copy the serial no of the originaal screen to this screen?


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