Replacing batteries, I broke the zif connector clamp. Options?

In replacing batteries on a donated Macbook Pro, I broke not only the top hinge but also the contacts base of the ZIF connector where the trackpad looks to connect to the logic board. I could include a photo but it’s just not there except for a tiny corner. In a rush I even ordered a couple ribbon cables to play with but I’m pretty sure this isn’t going to work at all.

So, options. Does this cable only connect the trackpad, or both the keyboard and the pad in a chain? Could a wireless mouse and/or keyboard bypass this disaster?

I have not installed the new battery or pulled apart the trackpad yet.

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Before we go any deeper how about posting a picture so we can be sure of things Adding images to an existing question Show us a nice tight shot of the connector that's missing/damaged as well as the cable end which is still on the cable. That way we can see if this is repairable.

Pulling the trackpad won't be needed if the cable its self is not damaged.

The trackpad is run-in off its own connection to the logic board in this series. But it also has thermal sensors which the system needs access to so you really have no option here this needs repairs.


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