Can I reset my firewire ports?

I was trying some new adapters and plugged some usb to firewire adapters together (fwM/usbM usbF/usbF) with a usb dvd drive and my imac did not like it. The firewire ports still power my proper firewire dvd drive, I can eject the tray and the drive resets and starts to read disks when inserted, but system profiler says it cannot display device info 'in red' when I insert the firewire drive, after I remove the drive and 'refresh' the info says fw400. The drive does not show up in disk utility either. I can use the external firewire drive on my other imac perfectly. I have reset pram/nvram:option-Apple-p-r and smu per Apple instructions. I have heard there are tools Apple provide to developers re firewire diagnostics and also some 'console' fixes. I have not found the specific 'blogged' fixes though. Since the fw drive can eject its tray and start to read the inserted disks it is definitely getting power so the fw ports are not dead. Any ideas?

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