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The JBL Charge was released in 2012. It features Bluetooth and 3.5mm audio for a wide range of inputs. A high-capacity 6000mAh battery provides several hours of entertainment and can charge other devices with its built-in USB port. Available in Black, Green, Gray, and Blue.

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Wire colors for USB charging port.

Can sombody tell me what color of wires do what?

Thanks for the answer. :)




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Are you sure that there is only the 3 wires and not a green wire as well?


Yup, that's why I'm asking the question in the first place. hehe


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I’m not completely sure about this but i think

  • Red = positive (power)
  • Black = ground
  • White = data?

To be sure look at the type of connector you have and search for that + ‘ wiring diagram’ .

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Thaks, that was my gues as well. I can't find any wiring diagrams, I hope someone will send a link someday. hehe ;)


If you want more specific information you need to provide more specifics.

Although most usb type cables are wired the same it can be different.

Maybe start here:



USB cable wiring is wired to a standard so that all USB cables should be always wired the same so that it can be safely connected to any compatible USB port and work

The only difference seems to be some USB1.0 and 2.0 cables have only the two power wires i.e. Vcc (+ve) and Ground (Earth) and not also the two data wires white - data -ve and green - data +ve and are meant for charging only. Don't know why they even made these as it only confuses when you plug them in and they charge the device but the device is not recognized due to the missing data wires

This is for USB 1.0 and 2.0

USB 3.0 and USB-C have a lot more wires to handle their increased functions but again they are wired to a standard


@jayeff True but i've also had some cheap cables that used different colors for wiring. My wording wasn't so good, thanks for clarifying.



Fair enough and agree that the wire colours may be different although they shouldn't be (but who's going to see them anyway).

The point being the function of each of the wires i.e. their pin connection, should always all be the same otherwise it would be a real mess.

Some have tried by making them "proprietary" i.e. changing the wires around at one end, so that they only work with their devices i.e. one end is standard that plugs into the host device and the other end is proprietary and it will only work with their device just as some headset manufacturers have done



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RED - +5 volts power

BLACK - Ground

WHITE - Data -ve

Green - Data +ve

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