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A1418 / EMC 2833 / Late 2015 / 3.1 GHz Core i5 or 3.3GHz Core i7 Processor. Released October 13, 2015.

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Slow performance, My EtreCheck Report


The performance of my 2015 iMac has been steadily degrading over the past year, and I would appreciate sound advice on how/what I can do to improve the situation.

I changed my disk drive to Kingston HyperX Digital FURY 120GB SATA SSD and still having the same problem with the system running macOS High Sierra

My EtreCheck Report:

Thank you in advance!

Update (02/06/2021)

Block Image

Hi Dan

Thanks for your answer

Please check the attachment image, unfortunately, didn’t show any error, and my system running slow.

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Bu iyi bir soru mu?

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Lets go a bit deeper here, Restart your system and press the D key to enter the onboard diagnostics. Let us know what you get for an error message.

Reference: Mac startup key combinations


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Your system is a bit limited here.

  • 3.1 GHz i5 (i5-5675R)
  • 8 RAM

What are you trying to run?

With no errors being reported at the hardware level that limits the issue to OS and application issues.

Bu yanıt yardımcı oldu mu?

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Hi Dan,

I used some graphic application from Adobe

and an old system like macOS High Sierra

unfortunately ruining too slow

any advice might problem with graphic card or motherboard


If there was a hardware issue the onboard diagnostics would have picked it up. As it ran with no errors that is just not likely.

I suspect the limitations of your system is what's holding you back or you have some application/process which is sapping your system performance.

Sadly you can't bump up the RAM up to 16 or 32GB which is what someone who is doing heavy graphics needs in this model as its soldered. I would get a replacement system which can be upgraded or offers more RAM 16GB at least.

If you suspect its software then I would backup your stuff using an external drive using TimeMachine and then completely wipe the drive down formatting it and installing a fresh OS. Reinstall fresh copies of your most used apps directly from the vender source (App Store or well known companies Adobe & Microsoft ... ) stay away from pirate sites!


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