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How can I disconnect this flex cable type?


I’m replacing a flex cable on my x-t1 that runs to the d-pad buttons. But before I do I wanted to know how to safely disconnect and re-connect this type of cable (see images)

I managed to disconnect the display cable - this one has a plastic bracket that lifts up. On these smaller cables however I cannot find any movable parts so I have no idea how to approach this and I can’t find any images/explanations online.

Does anyone know how to do this?

The images show the cable of the replacement part and the connectors on the board (in white)

Thanks so much for anyone who can help : )

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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These smaller ZIF connectors tend to not have any locking mechanisms. Try just lightly pulling it with a pair of tweezers or even your fingers. Do NOT force it as it may get torn apart. If you see that light force doesn’t work please let us know, there might be another way.

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Thanks, I did it just now and that’s exactly how it works. Getting the cable back in was a pain but I managed to not break it.

Thanks so much!


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