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Why Did My Screen Got Separated Fr the motherboard

My Iphone Fell From the back side of the camera and the screen separated from the motherboard.Does it mean it has spoil in any way? Or when the screen is returned to the motherboard it will still function ??

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Someone Exprienced please Answer me


Does the screen still work?


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Hi Enock,

The screen is connected to the motherboard via 3 flex cables located under the rear camera. These connections are secured using a metal shield which is then screwed in to place. It's unlikely the screen connections came undone. If the screen connections ripped you need to replace the screen.

What’s more likely to happen is one of 2 things. The screen slightly lifted off the phone. iPhone screens simply pop into place as there are retaining clips on the side of the phone, if the screen took hard enough fall it could've unclipped causing the screen to lift. Pressing lightly on the lifted area should fix it.

The second thing is the glass itself lifting off. I've seen this happen on numerous occasions if the phone is twisted or heavily bent. Since the digitizer and screen are really fragile there's glass glued to the top of this screen sandwich to protect it ( the part of the screen you touch) If this layer came off you also need to replace the screen. Can't see this happening without the screen itself breaking.

Would need some pictures to further diagnose your issue.

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