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EMC number 2308 or 2551?

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Hi to all,

I recently acquired an old iMac 10,1 (Late 2009). Looking up the serial number in everymac returns that this should be an EMC 2308, this is also the case for some other sites that describe this iMac in general. But then there is one site which returns a little more specific information, and there it is stated that this iMac has EMC 2551. And, indeed, under the footstand, next to the serial number, it says clearly EMC 2551.

I have tried to search this but have not been able to find some good information about this ambiguity. What is the difference between EMC 2308 and 2551? Is there any? How come my old iMac is stamped with an EMC that seems to be much newer?

Would be very grateful if someone knows more about this and could bring some clarity.



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Can you post a picture of this label, I haven't heard of an EMC 2551 Adding images to an existing question


Updated with photo detail from the foot stand bottom side.


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The only thing I can think of is an education special. Apple has on and off produced special school systems like:

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Thanks but it does not really make sense to me. 2551 is a higher number than for example 2545, which according to the lists should be an iMac with a Core i3 processor, early 2013 build. The one I have is indeed a late 2009 with a Core 2 Duo, and still it has such a high EMC number.


@mrgeorge - Apple has jumped around between the EMC numbers and Model Numbers.

You have an odd one! It could even have been a developer system that didn't get returned.


Yes, could be something like that. Had a short talk also with Apple support on this and there were obviously some iMacs 21.5 Late 2009 with EMC 2551 produced. We did not go into more detail but as I understood it the EMC number is reflecting hardware setup in some way, so I don't know if there is some part that differs slightly in the 2551 compared to the 2308...? Processor is the same, HDD is the same, graphics maybe..? Anyway I don't think I will get so much further on this subject. Will consider my machine as you describe it Dan, an odd one! :)


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