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Repair and disassembly guides for Kenmore Microwaves.

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I have a Kenmore Elite microwave/wall oven combo model 790.4911

Where is the fuse located? I think we blew a fuse and want to replace it before paying the big bucks for service fees.

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Hi @mcpeters8 ,

Here’s an image showing the location of the fuse in a Kenmore 790.49113410 wall oven/microwave combo unit.

However, it may not be in the exact same position in your particular model as there are a lot of Kenmore 790.4911 models.

Just search for Kenmore (insert full model number) parts to find the exact location of the fuse as well as suppliers. Alternatively search on or as they usually have the parts diagrams.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

Be safety aware when working inside a microwave oven. The HV capacitor in the oven can store >6000V DC for months even if the power has been disconnected from the appliance for this length of time. This amount of voltage can cause serious injury or worse. The HV capacitor needs to be discharged correctly once it can be accessed after the cover has been removed and before any further work is done inside the oven.

Note: If the fuse has blown, then there is always a reason why this happened. The oven would need to be tested to find out why otherwise you may be replacing the fuse only to find that the new one also blows when power is applied to the microwave oven or it is turned on.

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