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iPhone XR screen unresponsive to touch?

Today I was able to replace the charging port of my XR. Taking things apart to replace and putting it back together went smoothly until I attached the flex cables of the screen that is all original / the same screen that came with the iphone.

Before putting the screen back into the housing, I tested to see that everything was working and on after boot, everything except for response to touch.

I reattached the flex cables of the screen in case it was misaligned, especially the one that is for touch response several times more. After that didn’t work, I checked the pins visually to see if there were any signs of wear. There may be damage in resistance within the pins, but as of now it’s hard to confirm without a proper multimeter. I’ll have to get new probes to test.

I’ve repaired my phone where the screen needs to be taken off before and all went well. And whenever I disconnect a flex cable, I would always use a flat spudger and carefully use the spudger again or my finger when it’s time to reconnect.

Do you think I should find another XR screen and test to see if it’s just the one I have right now that’s unresponsive?

What do you think the problem may be and what are the solutions?

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I will recommend you buy a new screen then something happened to me when I replaced my iPhone Screen because if you bend the flex cables more than 90 degrees. But before you buy a new screen, reset the Phone and see if that helps.

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Hi Keshawn, thanks for taking the time to give your valuable input. I didn't think the bending in the flex cables would be that delicate but that is very much a possibility. As for resetting the phone, it's good practice to backup your data before attempting any internal repairs. Glad I did just that. I'll see if resetting the phone will help solve the touch issue before finding a replacement and will report back the results. Thanks Keshawn!


Hi Keshawn. I'm here to say the touch is now fixed after getting a replacement. Unfortunately, resetting didn't work, which means the screen is in need of replacing. Chances are I might've shorted the screen by accident when working on the repair or overbent the flex cables like you said. Nonetheless, thank you for helping me fix the screen. I can use my phone as normal again :)


Thanks For the Replay makes. My day


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